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Refresher driving lesson/driving anxiety course

Do you have a driver’s license but haven’t driven for a long time? Or do you have driving anxiety for some reason? In that case, a refresher driving lesson from Rijschool Alphen is a good solution for you. Our instructors are specially trained for this purpose. All of our instructors are certified for driving anxiety. With our special training and years of experience, we can guide you in a professional manner. This way, you will regain your confidence and overcome your driving anxieties.

Refresher course for driving in Leiden

Do you have difficulty with technical maneuvers? For example, parking in reverse in a file or merging on the highway? After a refresher course for driving at Rijschool Intense, you will increase your traffic insight. This way, you can enjoy driving safely again. A refresher course for driving in an automatic car is also possible.

Refresher driving lesson in your own car

A refresher driving lesson in your own car is also possible. You can, for example, combine starting in a driving school car and ending the last lesson(s) in your own car. We are flexible in this. For more information, you can call us at 06 53344126.

The refresher/driving anxiety course is tailored specifically to you. This means that you determine the pace at which you want to practice on the parts that you want to work on the most. For example:

Special maneuvers

Parallel parking

Straight reverse driving

Backing up in a curve

Driving forward and backward into a parking space

Driving on highways

Merging on and off highways

Driving through intersections and roundabouts

Flexible planning for refresher driving lesson

We are flexible in terms of scheduling. You can determine where the driving lesson starts and ends. For example, you can also start your refresher driving lesson from Woerden.

The refresher course costs €120. This includes:

✅ A telephone intake including problem analysis,

✅ A plan of approach.

✅ The opportunity to ask all your questions during the lesson.

✅ Theoretical support.

✅ Refresher driving lesson for 90 minutes.

✅ Being picked up and dropped off at home.

On average, you will need between 1 and 3 lessons. After each lesson, you will receive a concise feedback on your learning progress. An additional lesson will be scheduled in consultation with you. There are no obligations, so you are not committed to anything.

Are you ready to overcome your driving anxiety? Sign up now for an intake lesson.

You can register directly online via the registration button or by phone at 06 53344126.